Data as of 07/02/2020 (Unless otherwise noted) Fund Facts Inception,07/17/2018 CUSIP,33939L662 Total Net Assets,$168934071.10 Shares Outstanding,3750001 # of Holdings,641 Gross Expense Ratio,.38% Net Expense Ratio,.37% Index Provider,NORTHERN TRUST Primary Exchange,NYSE Arca Options Available,N Marginable,N Derivative Use,N Securities Lending,N ETF Ticker,HYGV Related Index,NTUHVCB NAV,HYGV.NV IOPV,HYGV.IV Shares Outstanding,HYGV.SO Estimated Cash,HYGV.EU Total Cash,HYGV.TC SEC Subsidized Yield(as of 06/30/2020),7.77% SEC Unsubsidized Yield(as of 06/30/2020),7.77% Distribution Yield,6.46% 12-Month Dividend Yield,7.21% Weighted Avg Price,95.84 Weighted Avg Yield to Worst,8.17% Weighted Avg Coupon,6.81% Weighted Average Maturity,6.25 yrs Weighted Avg Effective Duration,4.12 yrs Weighted Avg Option Adjusted Spread,754.70 bps Pricing NAV Price,$45.05 Price $ Change,$.24 Price % Change,.54% Market Price,$45.04 Price $ Change,$.14 Price % Change,.31% Avg Bid/Ask Spread,$.10 Bid/Ask Midpoint,$45.05 Closing Bid Price,$45.01 Closing Ask Price,$45.09 52-Week High,$49.10 52-Week Low,$36.86 Premium/Discount,.00% Daily Trading Volume (Shares),18075 Average Trading Volume (Shares),18308 Shares Outstanding,3750001 Median Bid/Ask Spread,.1774% Month-End Performance (as of 05/31/2020),1 Month,QTD,YTD,1 Year,Since Inception (07/17/2018) Market Price,4.55,11.78,-5.88,.63,2.34 NAV,5.47,9.70,-6.12,.14,2.16 Northern Trust High Yield Value-Scored US Corporate Bond Index (NTUHVCBTR),6.87,11.51,-4.35,2.18,3.71 ICE BofA® US High Yield Index (H0A0),4.57,8.55,-5.70,.35,2.53 Quarter-End Performance (as of 03/31/2020),1 Month,QTD,YTD,1 Year,Since Inception (07/17/2018) Market Price,-14.18,-15.80,-15.80,-10.11,-6.58 NAV,-12.44,-14.42,-14.42,-8.53,-5.12 Northern Trust High Yield Value-Scored US Corporate Bond Index (NTUHVCBTR),-12.48,-14.22,-14.22,-8.11,-3.99 ICE BofA® US High Yield Index (H0A0),-11.76,-13.12,-13.12,-7.45,-3.46 Sector (%) Industrial,37.64 Consumer,29.11 Technology; Telecomm & Media,13.75 Energy,12.82 Financials,7.27 Cash/and or Derivatives,-.68 Other,.09 Sub-Sector (%) Cable and Satellite,7.39 Technology,6.88 Media and Entertainment,5.98 Independent Energy,5.72 Health Care,5.66 Consumer Cyclical Services,5.40 Automotive,5.28 Wireless,3.93 Retailers,3.52 Food and Beverage,3.50 Cash/Derivatives and Others,46.74 Maturity (%) 0 - 1 Years,.21 1 - 3 Years,9.57 3 - 5 Years,27.11 5 - 7 Years,38.24 7 - 10 Years,20.80 10 Years +,4.75 Total,100.68 Country (%) United States,88.06 Canada,4.81 United Kingdom,2.64 Netherlands,1.56 Luxembourg,1.20 Ireland,.43 Germany,.40 Italy,.34 Australia,.34 China,.23 All Others,-.01 Quality Allocations,,% of Total S and P,BBB,.92 S and P,BB,36.88 S and P,B,38.52 S and P,CCC,22.20 S and P,CC,.10 S and P,C,.57 S and P,D,.26 S and P,Cash/and or Derivatives,-.68 S and P,Unclassified,1.23 S and P,Total,100.00 Moody's,Baa,1.96 Moody's,Ba,27.79 Moody's,B,41.37 Moody's,Caa,27.74 Moody's,Ca,.92 Moody's,C,.02 Moody's,Cash/and or Derivatives,-.68 Moody's,Unclassified,.88 Moody's,Total,100.00 Fitch,Cash/and or Derivatives,-.68 Fitch,Unclassified,100.68 Fitch,Total,100.00