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FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

We offer differentiated ETF strategies that seek to help investors achieve real-world goals by providing products and solutions that allow advisors to construct, allocate and manage outcome-oriented portfolios.

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FlexShares Featured ETFs

Pricing as of 08/09/2022

Ticker Symbol Asset Class Mkt $ NAV Net Expense Ratio % Ongoing Charges Figure Date of Inception
FEEM Equity 46.22 .18 04/20/2022
FEUS Equity 47.04 .09 09/20/2021
FEDM Equity 42.26 .12 09/20/2021
FEIG Fixed Income 42.51 .12 09/20/2021
FEHY Fixed Income 43.08 .23 09/20/2021




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